Le printemps cette année débute le 20 mars.
Le printemps cette année débute le 20 mars.  /  Dinkum

To celebrate the Spring, listen to 10 songs inspired by the flowers

On the 20th of March 2017, the Winter was officially over. To celebrate the first day of Spring, let's give room to roses, lilacs, and jasmine in a flowered music selection!

This year, the equinox, that moment where day and night last for exactly the same amount of time, was on Monday, the 20th of March 2017. This phenomenon announces the arrival of Spring. And who says shiny days implies the come back of the flowers... Whereas they are symbolic or real, English or French, let's take a look at the flowers put to music, from Fauré to Purcell, without forgetting Bizet.

Fleur des blés (Wheat Flowers) of Claude Debussy

Le long des blés que la brise        
Fait onduler puis défrise        
En un désordre coquet,        
J'ai trouvé de bonne prise        
De t'y cueillir un bouquet.

(Along the wheat the the wind makes wave then straightens into a pretty mess, I thought it was nice to pick a bouquet for you)

Duet of the flowers in the opera Lakmé of Léo Delibes

Sous le dôme épais où le blanc jasmin        
À la rose s'assemble,        
Sur la rive en fleurs, riant au matin,        
Viens, descendons ensemble.

(Under the dense canopy where the white jasmine that blends with the rose on the flowering bank, laughing in the morning, come, let us drift down together).

"La fleur que tu m’avais jetée" in Carmen of Georges Bizet

La fleur que tu m'avais jetée,        
Dans ma prison m'était restée.        
Flétrie et sèche, cette fleur        
Gardait toujours sa douce odeur.

(The flower that you had thrown me, I kept with me in prison. Withered and dry, the flower still kept its sweet smell).

Villanelle in Les Nuits d’été of Hector Berlioz

Quand viendra la saison nouvelle,        
Quand auront disparu les froids,        
Tous les deux nous irons, ma belle,        
Pour cueillir le muguet aux bois.

(When the new season ventures here, when it drives away the cold wind, into the woods we shall go dear, there lilies of the valleys to find)

Le papillon et la fleur by Gabriel Fauré

La pauvre fleur disait au papillon céleste :        
- Ne fuis pas !        
Vois comme nos destins sont différents. Je reste,        
Tu t'en vas !

(The poor flower kept saying to the airborne butterfly: "Don't fly away! Our destinies are different: I stay put , you travel!")

Toutes les fleurs of Emmanuel Chabrier

Mais surtout, surtout, je suis amoureux,        
Cependant que de folles gloses        
S'emplissent les jardins heureux,        
Des lilas lilas        
Et des roses roses !

(But above all, above all, I am in love while mad notes fill the happy gardens, and lilac lilacs, and rose roses!)

‘Tutti i fior’ or the duet of flowers in Madama Butterfly of Giacomo Puccini

Toutes les fleurs ! Toutes, toutes !        
Fleurs de pêcher, violette, jasmin,        
Tout ce qui fleurit        
Comme buisson, herbe ou arbre.

(All of them, all , all! Peach blossoms, violets, jasmine, every bush, plant and tree that's in flower!)

Sweeter than roses of Henry Purcell

Sweeter than roses, or cool evening breeze        
On a warm flowery shore, was the dear kiss,        
First trembling made me freeze,        
Then shot like fire all o’er.

Rose, Meer und Sonne of Robert Schumann

Rose, Meer und Sonne        
Sind ein Bild der Liebsten mein,        
Die mit ihrer Wonne        
Faßt mein ganzes Leben ein.

(Rose, ocean and sun are the image of my beloved, who with her rapture envelops my entire life)

Five flowers song of Benjamin Britten

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