Ludwig van Beethoven © DR
Ludwig van Beethoven © DR

The most unusual cover versions of Beethoven's hits

This year, the Paris Philharmonic spotlights the legend that was Beethoven in an exhibition entitled Ludwig van. We take up the challenge and present some of the most unusual covers of his music.

Beethoven is a legend... and some of the cover versions of his music are legendary in their own right. In the deepest, darkest corners of the Web, there are some little gems... A reggae Beethoven, anyone? Why not? The Moonlight Sonata on electric guitar? Yes, please. But when a woman decides to wriggle her bottom in time to the Fifth Symphony... Maybe not. Welcome to the wonderful world of Beethoven covers.

Ode to whatever takes your fancy

As if playing the Ode to Joy on the recorder was not surprising enough, this man decided to play it on two recorders. Shows initiative.

The pan flute is great. When you know how to play it, it's even better.

This robot choir will give you nightmares.

The greatest musicians find inspiration in Beethoven

Johnny Hallyday bellows out his love for the 7th Symphony in the middle of a concert. It's hard to make out the words, sometimes. ARE YOU SURE IT ISN'T A PHOTOMONTAGE? IT'S TRUE THE SAND WAS WHITE.

To impress your colleagues over drinks, this cover of a cover of Walter Murphy is sure to get them up and dancing.

When the conductor Mauricio Kagel made a film in which he wanted viewers to hear Beethoven's music as the composer would have heard it (in other words, not well), the result was this version of the Piano Sonata No. 21, known as the Waldstein Sonata.

Playing Beethoven with whatever comes to hand

You wouldn't believe what can be done with giant plastic buckets and a hose...

And what can be done with disk drives? Beethoven's 5th, of course.

Sometimes the real performance is not where you might expect it to be...

To each style of music, its Beethoven

If you find the third movement of the Moonlight Sonata played on the piano a tad mainstream, you might prefer this version on the electric guitar.

A reggae man? Beethoven? Even Bob Marley must be turning in his grave.

DJ Ludwig.

This remix of Beethoven's 5th is well worth it, just for the video.

You may not have been aware that Elise had Colombian roots.

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