Enfants pendant la canicule - Août 2016
Enfants pendant la canicule - Août 2016 © Getty  /  Thierry Orban

[PLAYLIST] The classical music playlist to get some fresh air during the heat wave

The thermometer is still going up and you are way too hot. Need some fresh air? From the Mediterranean sea to Finland, you'll find here a refreshing selection.

Is the heat unbearable? Here is a list of antidotes forthe scorching days and restless nights to give you a moment of respite.

L’air des trembleurs de Lully

Start practising chattering your teeth with the shivering aria by Jean-Baptiste Lully. It is from the lyrical tragedy Isis where the orchestra copies the shivering due to the cold.

Symphony no.1 by Tchaikovsky, “Winter daydreams”

During the summer, the cold is so distant we forget all the negative points of winter (chilblains, the flu and colds) and only remember its beauty: the snow that falls in twirls in the air and cracks under our feet, the lazy afternoons spent by the heat of a fire... Keep on picturing that perfect winter while listening to the Winter Daydreams by Tchaikovsky

Five popular Greek melodies by Ravel

Fly away to a Mediterranean country...

Finlandia de Sibelius

When the sun is at its highest, come dream about the wind-swept lands of Finland with Sibelius's patriotic symphony.

Debussy's "Dialogue du vent et de la mer" [dialogue between the wind and the sea]

Even under the heavy sun, this work by Debussy will make you think of the fresh sea breeze.

The Carnival of the Animals of Camille Saint-Saëns

Deep down in the depths of the sea, it is cool and full of playful shadows

The Four Seasons by Piazzolla: Summer

At the end of the afternoon, it's time for a lazy summer in Buenos Aires

Si la noche haze escura by Pisador

Si la noche haze escura (“If the night darkens”) by Pisador, to accompany nightfall (at last!)

Night on Bald Mountain of Moussorgski

Once the night has arrived, summon the forces of nature and make the wind blow