Michel Reis et son Paris Quartet en concert.
Michel Reis et son Paris Quartet en concert.

4 New Jazz Musicians Artists from Luxembourg

Luxembourg is not a famous jazz city. Yet, in recent years, brilliant artists have begun to emerge from this exciting scene. Here are just some that have caught our eye -

In recent years, there has quite rightly been a lot of talk about the new London jazz scene, and the likes of Shabaka Hutchings, Yusef Dayes, and Binker and Moses. European talent has by contrast been largely ignored. There are however, as Albert Laroux explains in the latest issue of Jazz News, a large number of interesting new talents, he argues that "Jazz has  conquered Europe". And as shocking as it may seem, Luxembourg, a small country better known for finance, is at the heart of it. Musicians such as Ernie Hammes and Michel Pilz have been internationally recognised. A new generation of talented musicians is however also revealing itself to the world.

Pit Dahm, The Prodigious Dandy 

26 year old Pit Dahm is a prodigious drummer, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He leads a multicultural trio, with Frenchman Charley Rose on saxophone and Belgium's Lennart Heyndels on double bass. The trio recently released their first album, Omicron. Dahm makes use of a rich musical vocabulary, in his compositions as in his improvisations, and is incredibly classy. The ensemble is as classy as his well-tailored suits. 

Michel Reis, Melodic Man 

Michel Reis is the name on the lips of jazzophiles everywhere, for his work as a soloist, in trios and quartets.  His trio has been praised by American saxophonist Joshua Redman, and had public success after the release of their first album in 2013. This led to them being able to perform more internationally. Their second, recently released album Places in Between has set Michel Reis apart as one of the most promising pianists of the coming years.

Pol Belardi, Genre Defying 

Pol Belardi creates jazz funk music, mixing German and English. In the past five years, he has acted as a lead musician or sideman, on a dozen albums. He is a highly productive hybrid artist. He is known for his warm bass grooves and his compositions on piano and classical percussion. He works with two stylistically divergent bands Pol Belardi's Force and Pol Belardi's Urban Voyage, there is something for everyone. 

Pascal Schumacher, 

Pascal Schumacher is one of the oldest musicians on this new scene. He has already performed at a number of venues around the world; he has composed for cinema, theatre and dance. He has also written for big bands. He, most significantly, has taken other emerging Luxembourg musicians under his wing, including Pol Belardi. He managed to do all of this playing an instrument that would stop most from becoming a leader - the vibraphone. His album Left Tokyo Right, released in 2015 was a high point for Luxembourg jazz.

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