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The Christmas playlist

John Coltrane, Jamie Cullum or Ella Fitzgerald: let some of the greatest jazz musicians add a bit of spice to your end-of-year celebrations!

Are you tired of listening to Silent Night, O Christmas Tree and all the other Christmas carols? This year, things are going to get hot! Let yourself go and enjoy this jazzy and festive winter playlist.

Christmas Night in Harlem

Forget the North Pole, the pine trees and the snowy mountains. This year, let's celebrate Christmas in Harlem, one of the historic birthplaces of jazz music. Between two blocks of Brownstones, those iconic New York buildings, you might run into a choir of Gospel singers or a Father Christmas playing the trumpet...

Jingle Bells

This is perhaps the biggest Christmas carol. Jingle bells is an American song heard in almost every country during the month of December. And yet, when performed by Diana Krall, it's almost as if we've never heard it before...

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Things are beginning to swing with this perfect combination: one of the most beautiful voices in jazz music, Ella Fitzgerald, and a standard taken from the musical film Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), in which the character played by actress Judy Garland sings to comfort her sad sister.

Sugar Rum Cherry

Do you know the story of the Sugar Plum Fairy? The fairy that welcomes Clara and the Nutcracker Prince at the gates of the Land of Sweets? Here is a more festive version, the Sugar Rum Cherry! A musical cocktail shaken and stirred by Duke Ellington, from the famous ballet suite by Tchaikovsky.

Let it snow!

Let is snow! is one of the timeless classics of Christmas songs, and yet the theme of this song, as the title does not suggest, is love! None of the lyrics make direct reference to the end-of-year holidays, but rather to soft kisses in front of a nice warm fire.

The Christmas Song

If by some impossible chance, you have forgotten how to celebrate a true traditional Christmas, you can count on Nat King Cole to help you list the essentials: chestnuts roasting, a choir, lots of toys, a sleigh and some reindeer... without forgetting jolly old Santa Claus. It's all there!

My Favorite Things

Why is this song from The Sound of Music part of our Christmas playlist? Because it talks of all the little things that make us happy, our favourite things: a present at the foot of a Christmas tree, an itchy jumper, a pastry at the end of a meal and snowflakes that stay on our nose...

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

On the night of Christmas, anything can happen, even Mommy kissing Santa Claus (the real one)! From the top of the stairs, children see Mommy giving a kiss to Santa Claus "underneath his beard so snowy white"... They are understandably speechless, so it's up to Amy Winehouse to tell us the story.

The Christmas Waltz

Christmas is coming to a close, the presents have been opened, everyone has laughed and eaten heartily, there's just enough energy left for one last dance... Uncle Oscar sits at the piano and starts playing a slow and soft waltz, in three to soften us up. In three to rock us to sleep.

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