Edward Hopper, "Office in a Small City”, 1953 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Edward Hopper, "Office in a Small City”, 1953 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

[PLAYLIST] From George Gershwin to Steve Reich, an American "playlist"

Today, 4th of July, we shine a spotlight on New World composers to mark the Independence Day national holiday in the United States.

In addition to our special feature on prominent American musicians, on this Independence Day, France Musique takes an in-depth look at the United States' lively musical scene.

As Renaud Machart so rightly notes in the introduction to his feature on American music in the January issue of the magazine Diapason: "the United States' musical identity took shape in step with developments in American society and, more specifically, the key figures that contributed to it". A musical identity with overtones of rolling plains, bustling cities, dreams and the cinema...

Renaud Machart, who has written biographies on Leonard Bernstein, John Adams and Stephen Sondheim (published by Actes Sud) and is also a producer at France Musique, recently presented two programmes on Ruth Crawford Seeger and Henry Cowell.

Before diving into the fascinating writings of Renaud Machart or the introduction to New World Symphonies by musicologist Nicolas Southon, why not explore France Musique's playlist of pieces by the most popular figures in American music, from George Gershwin's legendary Rhapsody in Blue to Steve Reich's Different Trains.

There's something for everyone. Enjoy!

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