[PLAYLIST] The Perfect Playlist for a Bank Holiday

Rest, relaxation and tranquillity are at the heart of this classic musical selection, to listen to on any holiday.

Spring does not bring only flowers and the sun, it is also bank holiday season! Here is a short guide to a good day of rest and relaxation through music.

Wake Up Blissfully with Vivaldi

The mandolin is a plucked string instrument originally from Italy and descended from the lute family. It forms the accompaniment to a number of famous Neapolitan songs - the mandolin also plays a small role in classical repertoire. Antonio Vivaldi has dedicated two concertos to it. 

A Morning with Idomeneo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Idomeneo is not Mozart's best-known opera, yet Albert Einstein described it as "one of those works that even a genius of the highest order like Mozart only succeeds in creating once in his life".
It takes place in Crete shortly after the Trojan War. Princess Ilia is in love with Idamente, the son of the king, and expresses her feelings by singing for the flowers and the nature that surrounds her.

Lunch with Gershwin

Never crack? Never make mistakes? In It Ain't Necessarily So, George Gershwin offers a response for when things do not necessarily go so well. This song, composed in 1935 for his opera Porgy and Bess, has become one of the greatest standards of the jazz repertoire.

A Coffee with Debussy

ThePrélude à l’après-midi d’un faune is one of the most well-known works by Claude Debussy. But its success was also largely due to its adaptation. In 1913, Vaslav Nijinski, a member of the Ballets Russes company, upsets the world of classical ballet by performing a sensual and refined dance to this work. 

A Walk with Albéniz

Each piece in the Suite española by Isaac Albéniz corresponds to a regional musical form of the Iberian Peninsula: an Andalusian serenade for Granada, a seguidilla (traditional dance) for Castile ... and a saeta for the city of Cádiz, a religious song sung on celebrations during Holy Week.

End the Afternoon with Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5, known as the Emperor Concerto, marks the birth of the great symphonic concerto. Between the heroic first movement and the dazzling finale, there is a relaxing, almost meditative, adagio.

Dinner with Schubert

Franz Schubert was an emblematic figure of romantic music, who composed more than six hundred lieder, German-language poems sung and accompanied on piano. One of them, Du bist die Ruh demands both tenderness and control from the performer.

An Evening with Chopin

What could be better than Frédéric Chopin's unforgettable Nocturnes to welcome nightfall? The French-Polish composer wrote 21 of these small musical pieces for piano. No. 20 was made famous by its use in The Pianist, a Roman Polanski film released in 2002.

Lulled to Sleep by Monteverdi

Listen to extracts of Claudio Monteverdi's 1610 Vespers. 

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