VIDEO - Lang Lang: "Every one of us should be an artist!"
VIDEO - Lang Lang: "Every one of us should be an artist!" © Radio France  /  Christophe Abramowitz

VIDEO - Lang Lang: "Every one of us should be an artist!"

The ideal age for learning the piano? "From 2 to 100!" The virtuoso pianist Lang Lang gives his 8 golden rules, both pragmatic and spiritual, for budding pianists and beginners.

Lang Lang’s 8 golden rules for learning to play the piano

Lesson no.1 - Take the plunge, regardless of age.

Lang Lang : "I think the ideal age for learning the piano is from 2 to 100!"

Lesson no.2 - An hour a day, the right way.

Lang Lang : "In the very beginning I think one hour is good: 20 minutes for basic training, 20 minutes to play some small pieces, and 20 minutes to improvise on the piano."

Lesson no.3 - Get a handle on hand independence.

Lang Lang : "I think the most difficult aspect of learning piano is separating the right and left hand; this is how you train both sides of the brain! After that it should get easier…With a lot of practice, of course!"

Lesson no.4 - Don’t just practise alone

Lang Lang : "Playing duets and chamber music is the key to learning an instrument: you have to work with singers to make the piano more lyrical, work with string players, woodwind, brass, percussion, guitar… music becomes much bigger."

Lesson no.5 - Play with your heart on your sleeve

Lang Lang : "It’s not just tapping out the notes, it’s more about what you create and recreate with notes that have existed for more than 200 years, and to bring your love and sincerity into the music-making, and to make music lively with colour, emotion, different moods, characters, and flavours."

Lesson no.6 - Tap into your passion

Lang Lang : _"_For any pianist, we need to keep our passion and flame for music alive. If your passion is gone, everything is gone. It’s the engine of success!"

Lesson no.7 - Look at the whole picture

Lang Lang : "For me, music is very visual. You need to think through a multi-media screen when performing. Not only looking at the music but thinking about everything around it, create a story around the main theme, connect to the main melodies, main voices from the piece."

Lesson no.8 - Art and technique hand in hand

Lang Lang : "Music education needs to be balanced: very academic, properly trained; at the same time, every one of us should be an artist. The artistic training is working with different people, talking to people, learning different subjects. "