Bojan Z

Serbian jazz pianist (1968 – Belgrade)

Pianist Bojan Z. was introduced to a universal and limitless musical culture from a very young age, leading him to fuse jazz music with the colourful Balkan culture.

Bojan Zulfikarpašić started studying the piano at age of 5. Raised in a family of music lovers, he was exposed to an eclectic music landscape: Bach, Ravel, Debussy, The Beatles, Yugoslav folklore and jazz. He quickly started to reproduce what he listened to, therefore developing his “jazz ear”. After studying at the Conservatory of Belgrade, he started to make a name for himself in Yugoslavia. In 1986, he moved to the United States to study with Clare Fischer at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan. In 1988, he settled in France, where he studied in the CIM, a highly respected jazz music school. There, he met other musicians such as Noël Akchoté, Julien Lourau, Magic Malik

His career took a turn in 1990 when he was awarded first prize with the Marc Buronfosse Sounds Quartet at the Concours de la Défense. The following year he joined the Azur quartet with Henri Texier and collaborated with Michel Portal. From 1993, he started to record with Label Bleu. In 1999, he carried out in his multi-ethnical project Koreni (Roots), gathering eight musicians of different origins. Two years later, after a long reflection on this instrument, he released his solo piano album Solobsession. In 2003, he started collaborating with American musicians such as double-bassist Scott Colley and New York-based drummer Nasheet Waits.

Bojan Z has performed in many different festivals such as Jazz in Marciac, Paris Jazz Festival, la Roque d'Antheron, Montreal, North Sea Jazz, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival.

6 landmark dates in the life of Bojan Z:

1988: Settled in France

1990: Awarded the soloist first prize in Concours de la Défense

1993: Signed under Label Bleu

2005: Awarded the European Jazz Prize

2007: Awarded the Victoires du Jazz prize in France for Xenophenia

2012: Musician of the Year at the Victoires du Jazz 

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Biography from Radio France’s document database, April 2014