Christian Zanesi

French composer, producer (Lourdes, 1952 - )

Christian Zanesi is a former student of Guy Maneveau and Marie-Françoise Lacaze (Pau University, 1974-1975) then of Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel (Paris Conservatory, 1976-1977).

Since joining the Ina Musical Research Group in 1976, he has multiplied his experiences, achievements and encounters. He was the precursor of numerous projects in the fields of radio, publications and musical events, notably: the PRESENCES electronic festival, the program Electromania, the CD sets: "Archives GRM", "Bernard Parmegiani", "Luc Ferrari" and "Pierre Schaeffer".

Now at the head of the Ina-GRM, he has been composing in his home studio since the 90s and draws inspiration from the poetic encounter with exceptional sounds.

Six landmark dates in the life of Christian Zanési:

1960s: Studied music theory and horn
1974: University of Pau, discovered electroacoustic music. Fell in love with Bernard Parmegiani's "The Ferris Wheel"
1976: Met Pierre Schaeffer at Paris’ Conservatoire
1980's: Took on every music related professions within the GRM
1998: Diapason d'or for his record "Arkheion" (InaGRM collection)
2005: Launch of the PRÉSENCES festival electronic

Cultural affinities...

His bedside book: Death on Credit by Louis-Ferdinand Céline

His favorite movie: Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon