Dana Ciocarlie

French of Romanian origins pianist (Bucarest, 1963 -)

Dana Ciocarlie received her first musical education with the roots of the Romanian school of piano besides Dinu Lipatti, Clara Haskil and Radu Lupu. She also studied in Paris under Victoria Melki at the Ecole Normale de Musique and followed the perfectionning curriculum of the Paris Conservatoire in the classes of Dominique Merlet and Georges Pludermacher. Her encounter with German pianist Christian Zacharias was decisive, especially to go further into her knowledge of the piano work of Franz Schubert.

With a hardy character where generosity meets strong involvement, Dana Ciocarlie has a wide repertoire, going from Bach to the contemporary composers. Some of them dedicated to the pianist their pieces, like Edith Canat de Chizy, Karol Beffa, Frédéric Verrières, Jacques Lenot, Helena Winkelman, Laurent Mettraux and Dan Dediu. She is known as one of the major interpreters of Horatiu Radulescu.

Her experience and her talent were rewarded by many prizes at the occasion of prestigious international competitions: second prize at the Robert Schumann International Competition in Zwickau, special prize Sandor Vegn at the Geza Anda Competition in Zurich, International Prize Pro Musicis, the Young Concert Artist European Auditions in Leipzig.

She also won many foundations (Yvonne Lefébure, Nadia Boulanger, Gyorgy Cziffra) and is requested as a talented chamber music performer.

Two recordings were successively published by L'Empreinte Digitale: one was dedicated to the last Sonata for piano of Schubert, the other to Romanian music, Romania. Both of those recordings received eulogistic critics from the press who sees in her the modesty of the greatest musicians and doesn't hesitate to compare her musicality to the one of Wilhelm Kempff's or Clara Haskil's. Her maturity, her tone simplicity, her natural expression allowed her to be noticed by the monthly Le Monde de la Musique in a section dedicated to the "Generation 2000", the one of the young promising artists, most likely to become headliners tomorrow.

Dana Ciocarlie regularly performs concertos, recitals and chamber music. On France Music, where she is often invited, she carries on her cycle dedicated to the pieces of Robert Schumann

Dana Ciocarlie is a professor at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Lyon and at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris Alfred Cortot.