Denis Raisin Dadre

French orchestra conductor and recorder player

Denis Raisin Dadre is a French orchestra conductor who also plays the recorder.

Denis Raisin Dadre studied musicology in Lyon, then went to Geneva to learn the recorder besides Gabriel Garrido, and then went to Paris to learn the oboe and the Renaissance reeds with Michelle Vanderbrouke and Michel Henry. As an instrumentalist, he started out with the trio I Dilletanti (chamber music) and quickly was requested as a soloist by different ensembles, including the baroque ensemble of Limoges and the baroque ensemble of Nice.

In 1990, Denis Raisin Dadre founded the ensemble Doulce Mémoire with the aim to offer a fresh start to the music of the Renaissance. Passionate about history, literature and art in general, he is always careful to link the musical pieces to the context in which they were created. The ensemble Doulce Mémoire gives concert all around the world (théâtre Chaillot in Paris, Villa Médicis in Rome, Santiago Opera in Chile), and also at the occasion of festivals (Utrecht, Fès, Boston).

In parallel to his career as a musician, Denis Raisin Dadre is a teacher at the Tours Conservatoire and regularly hosts formation programs for young musicians in different academies in Bolivia, Cuba, the Czech Republic... Since 2003, he has been managing his own international academy, the Droict Chemin de Musique.

Six landmark dates in the life of Denis Raisin Dadre

• 1981: started his instrumentalist career with the flute trio I Dilletanti
• 1990: foundation of the ensemble Doulce Mémoire
• 1999: Chevalier des arts et des lettres
• 2003: foundation of the international academy Le Droict Chemin de Musique
• 2004: artistic direction of the Estivales de Gerberoy
• 2009: artistic direction of the festival Voix d’ici Voix d’ailleurs, in La Riche, France 

Six key recordings by Denis Raisin Dadre

• 1995 : Chansons nouvelles et danceries, œuvres de Pierre Attaingnant (Astrée)
• 1999 : Requiem des rois de France (Astrée)
• 2000 : Henri IV et Marie de Médicis – Messe de Mariage (Astrée)
• 2001 : Le Siècle du Titien – Musique à Venise 1490-1576 (Astrée)
• 2011 : Requiem d’Anne de Bretagne, Antoine de Févin (Naive Classique)
• 2012 : La Porte de Félicité – Constantinople 1453, with the ensemble Kudsi Erguner (Zig-Zag territoires)