Florence Bolton

Viol Player and Founder of the La Rêveuse Ensemble

Florence Bolton is a French viol player and a founding member of the La Rêveuse ensemble, together with lute player and theorist Benjamin Perrot. The ensemble aims to explore unknown works by great musicians of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Bolton has a recording career, having made records with Alpha, Arion, K 617, Ligia Digital, Mirare, Naïve and Zig-Zag Territories.

Florence Bolton was introduced to music at the age of seven. She studied the harpsichord and recorder before finally discovering her favorite instrument: the viola da gamba. She was a pupil of Sylvia Abramovicz and won Premier Prix for viola da gamba and chamber music at the Conservatoire de Saint-Cloud, before going on to study with Marianne Mulller at the CNSM in Lyon, where she won a Premier Prix in 2001.

Florence Bolton is at ease as both soloist and a member of the continuo. She has performed with some of the most prestigious early music ensembles: Akademia, Doulce Memoire, La Fenice, Il Seminario Musicale, the Pierre Robert ensemble and Le Poème Harmonique. In 2004 she founded La Rêveuse ensemble, with Benjamin Perrot, a musician she met in the early music department of the Paris Conservatoire. They experienced great success and were invited to perform throughout France (Les Concerts Parisiens, the Folle Journée in Nantes, Fontevraud Abbey, the Chambord Festival, Lanvellec Festival, Radio France Montpellier Festival, Scènes Nationales in Orléans, Blois, Quimper), and even abroad (in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Egypt, the USA and Canada). The ensemble has frequently performed with major early musicians including Bertrand Cuiller, Pierre Gallon, Stephan Dudermel, and Carsten Lohff. La Rêveuse has pursued a large number of projects, with their overarching aim being to rediscover music by 17th and 18th centuries composers, especially unknown works by composers such as Sebastien de Brossard, Henry Purcell, Henry Lawes, Robert de Visée, Marin Marais, and François Couperin. Their latest album was a rediscovery of Telemann's chamber music, and was widely praised by the press. 

The La Rêveuse duo are also extremely passionate about painting, dance and classical literature, and aim to build bridges between music and the other arts, not only through concerts but also through conferences and workshops. Bolton teaches the Viol and works with children's programs and supports educational internships to promote early music to the next generation.

Landmark Dates in the Life of Florence Bolton

2001 Was awarded the Premier Prix from the CNSM in Lyon
2004 Founded the La Rêveuse ensemble