Geoffroy Jourdain

French choir conductor

Geoffroy Jourdain is a French choir conductor. He founded the ensemble Les Cris de Paris in 1998 and is very active in the life of contemporary music.

The name Geoffroy Jourdain is today inexorably linked to the ensemble Les Cris de Paris that he founded in 1998. His journey mixes harmony music theory (musicology studies at the Sorbonne and exploration of the musical depths of many European librairies) and practice of choir conducting, under the kind watch of Pierre Cao or Patrick Marco.

In 1993, he founded the ensembles Vivete Felici composed of soloists many devoted to the baroque repertoire and in 1998 Les Cris de Paris more specifically focused on contemporary music. He often associates the ensemble with prestigious orchestras and others instrumental ensembles and had the occasion to work with Pierre Boulez, Philippe Herreweghe, François-Xavier Roth, or Esa-Pekka Salonen.

Very active in the field of contemporary repertoire, Geoffroy Jourdain is the instigator of several orders and accompanies many creations, like he did with the opera Cachafaz of Oscar Strasnoy staged by Benjamin Lazar in 2010.

In 2013, Geoffroy Jourdain was a guest conductor for the Capella Amsterdam (directed by Daniel Reuss).

Five landmark dates in the life of Geoffroy Jourdain 

• 1998: creation of the ensemble Les Cris de Paris
• 2000: laureate of the Fondation de France
• 2002: co-direction with Didier Bouture of the Chœur de l’Orchestre de Paris and co-direction with Laurence Equilbey of the Jeune Chœur de Paris
• 2011: recreation of the Paradis Perdu of Théodore Dubois for the Palazzetto Bru Zane
• 2013: guest conductor of the ensemble Capella Amsterdam

Five key recordings by Geoffroy Jourdain 

Thierry Machuel, Psalm
Le Jeune Chœur de paris
Geoffroy Jourdain and Laurence Equilbey
Naïve, 2004
Encores (transcriptions of songs by Jacques Brel, Madonna, etc.)
Les Cris de Paris
Geoffroy Jourdain
Alpha, 2009
Théodore Dubois, Le Paradis perdu
Les Cris de Paris, Les solistes des Siècles
Geoffroy Jourdain
Aparte, 2012
Schumann, Missa Sacra
Les Cris de Paris
Geoffroy Jourdain
Aparte, 2012
Memento Mori (pieces of Monteverdi and Rossi)
Les Cris de Paris
Geoffroy Jourdain
Aparte, 2013