Ibrahim Maalouf

French trumpet player, jazz composer (1980 - Lebanon)

Mixing music of Arabic origins with other styles such as pop, rock, electro but particularly jazz, Ibrahim Maalouf is now one of the best-selling French artists and a professor of improvisation at the Regional Conservatory of Paris.

Born into a musical family, the son of a trumpet player and a pianist, Ibrahim has played the trumpet from the age of 7, a trumpet that would later be modified by his father, thus becoming the first "quarter-tone trumpet" in the world. 

Thanks to his successful studies in music, he graduated from the National Conservatory of Music in Paris and was bestowed numerous awards in international competitions. Ibrahim quickly acquired an international reputation and was sought by many artists such as Matthieu Chedid, Vincent Segal or Vincent Delerm. He created his own label and started composing and recording several albums. He wrote several movies soundtracks including that of Yves Saint Laurent directed by Jalil Lespert released in January 2014. He has worked in close collaboration with numerous orchestras such as the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra or the Paris Chamber Orchestra and frequently performs on French stages through recitals and trumpet, composition and improvisation master classes.

3 landmark dates in the life of Ibrahim Maalouf:

2006: He created his own label
2010: Frank Ténot Award, revelation of the year at the Victoires du Jazz
2011: UNESCO award for the dialogue that he encourages between Western and Arab cultures. 

The 5 albums of Ibrahim Maalouf: 

2007: Diasporas
2009: Diachronism
2011: Diagnosis 2012: Wind is awarded Artist of the Year at the Victoires du Jazz
2014: Illusions is awarded Best Album of World Music at Victoires de la Musique 2014

Official site: http://www.ibrahimmaalouf.com/