Laure Favre-Kahn

French pianist (Arles, 1976)

Laure Favre-Kahn made a very early international debut as a pianist, which brought her from New York to Hong Kong, crossing the paths of the most prestigious French festivals.

Laure Favre-Kahn started studying piano at the Conservatoire in Avignon, before joining Bruno Rigutto's class at the Paris Conservatoire, where she was unanimously awarded the First Prize at age 17. Three years later, Arion label approached her to produce her first recording of works by Schumann. The following year, she chose Chopin, for her next recording on the same label. In 1999, she performed at the Midem Music Festival in Cannes as one of the ‘Revelations Classiques de l’ADAMI’.

In 2001, she was awarded first prize at the International Pro Piano Competition in New York. She performed her first recital at the Carnegie Recital Hall the following October which led her to be voted 'Pro Piano Artist of the Year, 2001’, allowing her to record works by Reynaldo Hahn for Pro Piano Records in 2003. Her discography, including 11 albums, has been regularly critically acclaimed.

Her career, focused on the fields of recital, chamber music and concerto with orchestra, has led her to play on the most important stages, both French and international. She has been regularly performing alongside the greatest national and regional ensembles. The violinist Nemanja Radulovic has been a recurring partner on stage.

In 2013, she created a musical play called “Chopin… Confidences”, a tribute to the composer, with Charles Berling. In 2004, she became an Ambassador to “Caméléon”, a charity caring for children suffering domestic violence in the Philippines.

6 landmark dates in the life of Laure Favre-Kahn:

1993: Unanimously awarded a Premier Prix at the Paris Conservatory

1997: Recorded her first album dedicated to Schumann

1999: Performed at the Midem Music Festival in Cannes

2001: Awarded First Prize as Pro Piano Artist of the Year

2003: Made a record dedicated to Reynaldo Hahn in New York

2014: Released an album of works by Chopin

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Biography from Radio France’s document database, May 2014