Thibault Cauvin

French guitarist (born in 1984, Bordeaux)

Thanks to his impressive collection of prizes and the huge number of concerts he has already given, Thibault Cauvin is one of the references of the French contemporary guitar. He is the only musician worldwide that won 36 international prizes, including 13 first prizes, before he was 20.

Thibault Cauvin was born in a family of musicians. His father, also a jazz and rock guitarist, gave him his first lessons when he was five. After completing brilliant studies, first in the Bordeaux Conservatoire and then at the Paris Conservatoire (of which he graduated with the best mention the jury can give), he perfected his training besides Alvaro Pierri and Judicaël Perroy and followed on with the master classes of Aniello Desiderio, Eduardo Isaac, Roberto Aussel, Pavel Steidl, Alex Garrobé, Thomas Muller-Perring…

Quickly, he did his first international contests and added up the prizes. As a result, Thibault Cauvin, whereas he was only 20, was the first guitarist worldwide to win 13 first prizes, including the prestigious Masters Guitar Competition in San Francisco, the Stotsenberg International Guitar Competition in Los Angeles, the Concorso Internazionale di Chitarra di Mottola in Italy, the Forum Gitarre Wien in Austria, Concurso Internacional de Guitarra Clàssica Sernancelhe in Portugal. This dazzling success gave him the momentum to go on tour for 10 years. During those 10 years, he would performed on his own on stage more than a 1000 times. The "never ending tour" as he called it started in January 2004 in Los Angeles and ended in Paris in December 2014.

Therefore, Thibault Cauvin has played in almost 120 countries and on prestigious stages such as the Carnegie Hall of New York, the Shanghai Concert Hall, the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, the Wigmore Hall of London, the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris… His evolution and his success are an inspiration for the young French generation of guitarists. Appointed Ambassadeur de Bordeaux Métropole, he also is the sponsor of the Paris Guitar Foundation.

Five landmark dates in the life of Thibault Cauvin

2004: recorded a live performance with Radio France for the collection "Déclic".
2009: was followed by Nicolas Pier Morin during his tour in China for the documentary  Across China.
2013: first contract with label Sony Music and release of the album Danse avec Scarlatti.
2014: end of the never ending tour started in 2004.
2014: the famous guitar factory in Sevilla, Antonio Bernal, created two models with a "Thibault Cauvin" signature.  

Radio France documentation biography, September 2015.