Thierry Machuel

French composer and pianist (Paris, 1962 -)

Thierry Machuel is a French composer who mainly writes for the vocal repertoire, notably for choir.

His pieces are inspired by contemporary author’s writings from diverse languages ​​and cultures. Thierry Machuel has long been interested in autobiographical texts and testimonies written by resistants’ or communities with singular life experiences, such as those collected from prison inmates between 2008 and 2011. Former resident at the Villa Medici and Casa Velazquez, he received a grant from the Beaumarchais Foundation in 2009 and was commissioned by Ministry of Culture in 2010 for the creations of his next opera. His works are performed in Europe, Asia and in America and several of them were studied by French high school students as part of an optional music class in 2013 and 2014 graduation exams. He is the founder of vocal and instrumental ensemble Territoires du souffle

Six landmark dates in the life of Thierry Machuel: 

1993: Grand Prix for Classical Improvisation (Piano) at the Montbrison International Competition
1996-1998: Resident at the Villa Medici (Rome)
1999-2001: Resident at the Casa de Velazquez (Madrid)
2008: Sacem / Francis and Mica Salabert Award for Music
2010: Grand Prix at the Charles Cros Academy for his piece: Clairvaux - Or, les murs.
2011: High School Composers Grand Prix

Six key works by Thierry Machuel: 

2004: Psalm monographic cd
2009: Monographic cd Sur la terre simple
2008/2009: Created the Nocturnes de Clairvaux, des Paroles contre l'oubli
2010: Monographic cd Nativités profanes
2011: Monographic cd Lucis memoria

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