Thomas Adès

British composer (London, 1971 -)

British composer and interpret Thomas Adès is a prolific and acclaimed artist. His many recordings are more than often critically acclaimed by the press.

Born on March 1st, 1971 in London, Thomas Adès studied piano and composition at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, before training in writing at King's College, Cambridge, graduating in 1992.

In 1993, the international press noticed him during the opening recital he performed at the Purcell Room, London - Still Sorrowing - which marked his debut on the British music scene. Two years later, his first chamber opera, Powder Her Face - commissioned by Almeida Opera Festival in 1995 - was performed by chamber opera ensembles around the world and broadcasted on Channel 4. His second opera, The tempest, commissioned by Royal Opera House and adapted from Shakespeare's play, was premiered to critical acclaim in February 2004 and awarded a prize by the Royal Philharmonic Society in London a year later.

Thomas Adès quickly built international fame. He was appointed Artistic Director of the Aldeburgh Festival from 1999 to 2008 and was the focus of Radio France's annual contemporary music festival, "Présences" in 2007. In addition to the many awards he has received, Adès also was awarded the prestigious Salzburg Prize in 1999 as well as the international Hindemith Prize in 2001.

As a pianist and conductor, Thomas Adès is the author of around forty pieces.

5 landmark dates in the life of Thomas Adès

1992: Graduated King's College in Cambridge

1993: Still Sorrowing performed at Purcell Room, London

1995: First opera, Powder Her Face, performed,

1999: Adès appointed Artistic Director of the Aldeburgh Festival

2011: awarded the title of Composer of the Year 

5 key works by Thomas Adès 

1990: Chamber Symphony, a work for 15 players

1993: Powder Her Face, chamber opera in two acts

1997: Asyla, for orchestra

2004: The Tempest, opera in three acts

2010: Four Quarters, string quartet no. 2