Vincent Coq

French pianist (Saint-Mandé, 1963 - )

Vincent Coq is a French pianist, known in particular for his great abilities as chamber music partner and pedagogue, a genre he has been dedicated himself to for more than twenty years.

Vincent Coq started studying the piano at age 7 and furthered his training in 1976 with Jacques Gauthier and then Olivier Gardon, with whom he studied before joining the Paris Conservatory at age 18. He continued his studies with a new cycle under French pianist Dominique Merlet. In 1984, he was awarded a First Prize in chamber music as part of Geneviève Joy-Dutilleux's class, as well as a piano First Prize in 1985, before joining Jean-Claude Pennetier’s improvement class to perfect his chamber music skills. After completing his studies, he joined master classes taught by Nikita Magaloff, György Sandor and Léon Fleisher. In 1989, he moved to the USA for one year, where he worked with György Sebök at the Bloomington School of Music. During an internship organised by Olivier Gardon and Roland Pidoux in 1987, Vincent Coq founded the Trio Wanderer with violinist Guillaume Sutre and cellist Raphaël Pidoux. He has since then performed with his trio in the most important venues and with the most prestigious symphonic orchestras. In addition to his career with the Trio Wanderer, Vincent has also performed with musicians such as Sophie Koch, Karen Vourc'h, Susan Cairns, Wolfgang Holzmair, Antoine Tamestit, Anne Gastinel, Gérard Caussé, et François Leleux. Since September 2010, he has been a chamber music teacher at the Lausanne’s Haute Ecole de Musique.

5 landmark dates in the life of Vincent Coq:

1984: First Prize in chamber music 

1985: Piano First Prize

1987: Founded the Trio Wanderer with Guillaume Sutre and Raphaël Pidoux

1989: Worked with György Sebök in the USA

2010: Became chamber music teacher at the Lausanne’s Haute Ecole de Musique

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