Yaron Herman

Jazz pianist and composer (1981, Tel Aviv)

Yaron Herman seduces with an original repertoire in which his own compositions mix with pop covers. He is the creator of a musical improvisation theory called "Real Time Composition".

Fond of basketball as a child, Yaron Herman hurt himself and later turned to music, and more especially to the piano that he started to learn when he was 16. Student of Orpher Brayer, he quickly acquired a solid technique, allowing him to give his first concerts in Israel. At the age of 19, he moved to Boston to join the prestigious Berklee College of Music. He was disappointed though by the education he was given and left the United States. He was supposed to make only a short in Paris but finally settled in the French capitol permanently. When he was 21, he recorded his first album Takes 2 to Know 1 in duo with the drummer Sylvain Ghio. In 2006 his first solo album was released: Variations. In this album Yaron Herman shows a virtuoso and singular pianistic play through original compositions and many covers: George Gershwin, Gabriel Fauré, Sting or popular Israeli chants. That album was hugely successful and gave the artist the opportunity to give a concert at the Forbidden City in Beijing during the tour. It was a first for a jazz pianist. 

Two years later, he honored the trip formation with the album A Time for Everything. On this record, he is accompanied by the double bass player Matt Brewer and the drummer Gerald Cleaver that he met in New York. It received international acclaim, in part thanks to the pop songs covered and made into jazz songs, like Toxic of Britney Spears or Message in a Bottle of the English rock band The Police. The trio released its second album Muse in 2009: it was designated Album of the Year on iTunes. Yaron Herman also multiplies the collaborations with many artists, such as the saxophonist Raphaël Imbert, the clarinetist Michel Portal or more recently the drummer Ziv Ravitz. They appeared together on the album Everyday released in 2015 on the Blue Note label.

Six landmark dates in the life of Yaron Herman

2002: settled in Paris
2003: won unanimously the Sunset / Sunside Trophee.
2004: gave a conference at the Sorbonne on "real time composition".
2005: first prize at the Jazz competition in La Défense.
2008: Victoire de la musique – Revelation category.
2012: president of the jury at the piano competition of the Montreux Jazz festival

Radio France documentation biography, September 2015.